03/13/2014 Visit to Fennessy Ranch



A little over a week ago I had an opportunity to visit the Fennessy Ranch in Bayside, Texas.  The ranch offered opportunities to see and photograph birds and other wildlife.    The weather was beautiful and the facility personnel were friendly and knowledgeable.  They led us on a tour a the facility and took us to a couple of bird blinds that provided most of the photos we took that day.   More photos can be found at this link.

08/18/2013 Wichita Mountains Wildlife Reserve



I haven’t had much time to take any wildlife photos lately, but did manage to spend an afternoon at the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Reserve a few weeks ago.  The prairie dog population has definitely suffered over the last few years and it is obvious that there population has diminished greatly.  The bison were wandering around throughout the park and did provide some photo opertunities.  That and a few veiws from the top of Mount Scott pretty much covered the day’s shoot.  Here is a link to some of the images.  link