01/20/2012 Backyard Female Red-Winged Blackbird

Female Red-Winged Blackbird

A couple of months ago, I was sitting in the the backyard and saw a bird I didn’t recognize.  After a little investigation I found that this was likely a female Red-Winged Blackbird.  I did not see any of the more familiar male birds, but there were many of these.  If someone can identify it as something else, let me know.  I put a few photos in my Backyard Nature Gallery.  link 

03/04/2012 Fort Worth Nature Center – Cormorant and Great Egret

As spring approaches, birds are beginning to show and are becoming a little more active at the Nature Center.   The Cormorant and Great Egret here were captured along the Crosstimbers Trail last Sunday.  We were looking for the alligator that we saw on Friday and caught a couple of Cormorants taking flight from the water.  As we were about to leave, this Great Egret was found fishing in the inlet next to trail entrance.   link

03/02/2012 Fort Worth Nature Center – Great Blue Heron and Alligator

These are images from the Fort Worth Nature Center and Refuge taken late Friday afternoon.  We had just started walking down Crosstimbers Trail when we ran into a kayaker who told us about a 10 foot gator laying on a log a quarter mile upstream.  As we made our way to catch a glimpse of him, a Great Blue Heron flew by and landed on a tree across the river.  The background was a little cluttered, but I thought the shadows, patterns, and motion of his wings as he landed were interesting.   We found the gator about where he said it would be.  It had moved into the water and appeared to be feeding… and it was indeed in the 10 foot range…the largest I had personally seen at the Center.  As we worked our way back down the trail, I finished off with a couple of shots of the Bird Blind (I seem to take a lot of those).  It was a nice day.   link   link

02/24/2012 Winter at the Fort Worth Nature Center Boardwalk

My son and I took a couple of hours off on Friday afternoon and took some photos at the Fort Worth Nature Center.  There wasn’t a lot of wildlife activity (although my son did catch a few shots of a Hawk and a Cormorant… and we both missed a large cayote crossing in the road ahead of us).  Anyway,  I added a few photos of the Boardwalk area to the FWNC Scenary Gallery.  link.

01/28/2012 Visit to the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center

My wife and son and I decided to take the afternoon off and make a trip to the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center near Glen Rose yesterday.  It had been about a year since we had been there.  The weather was a little cool and cloudy, but many of the animals were active.  Even though this drove higher ISO’s, it allowed some interesting photo opportunities.  Here are a few that I took during the day.  link