03/05/2013 Indoor Soccer

Haven’t had much opportunity to take photos of or even watch much soccer in recent years.  It has always been one of my favorite activities.  Indoor soccer is particularly challenging to photograph.  It is fast, the light is poor, and often you are shooting through nets or “clear” plexiglass walls.  After taking some photos of a few games and working through some logistics and technical issues, I managed to take these images.  I was invited to come to this game because a couple of the players on one of the teams used to play on one of the youth soccer teams I coached years ago.  It is rewarding for me as they are not only playing (wow, in an Over 30 league…makes me feel old) and doing very well but that they are involved in coaching youth teams of their own.  I am very proud of them.  Anyway, here are some images of the game.

01/01/2013 New Year at the Fort Worth Nature Center





It was a new year and  the weather was cold and overcast.  Still, it was late in the day and I wanted to get out into the fresh air and maybe take a few photos.  I didn’t get to stay long, but it was nice to walk around a bit.  Apparently if I had been about 20 minutes earlier I would have seen the Bald Eagle feeding at the marsh.  But I missed it and had to settle for some photos of the cold landscape.  A few of these are shown here and were added to my FWNC Landscape Gallery.  I also included a few images that I made the day after Christmas.  The snow was still on the ground after the first Christmas Day snow we have had in over 30 years.  link

09/17/2012 Spider at the Fort Worth Nature Center

Yesterday was a dreary and overcast day, but we decided to visit the Nature Center to get out of the house and walk the dogs.  As we walked around, the gray sky did not make for that many attractive photos, but I came upon a spider spinning a web at the Bird Blind.  He appeared to be missing a couple of legs, but nonetheless provided an interesting subject. He gracefully climbed and spun in circles as he added more and more strands.  As we walked further, once we were under the canopy of trees, the light became more interesting and provided a few pictures of the trails.  Here are some photos from the days shoot.  Click on the photos to see a few more.